Benin - Country Commercial Guide
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Fixed-line teledensity is only about two per 100 persons.  Spurred by the presence of two cellular providers, however, mobile telephone subscribership has been increasing rapidly with over 10 million subscribers.  Many individuals will subscribe with both providers to take advantage of varying areas of coverage.  Benin has very limited 4G capabilities; Post is not aware of any 5G capabilities in Benin.

High-speed fiberoptic internet through Beninese provider ISOCEL was made available in fall 2020.  The service is cost-prohibitive for the majority of domestic consumers.  

Benin Telecom, which is responsible for all telecommunications in the country is unable to sign the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) attestation of compliance.  This means Benin Telecom uses equipment manufactured in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). 

Leading Sub-Sectors

GSM equipment, smart phones, internet, and mobile internet.


Satellite internet providers may find a market in Benin as a response to the NDAA issue. Investment in electrification is critical to expanding Beninese access to telecommunications and information/media. 

U.S. manufacturers may find ready opportunities in the supply of spare and new telecommunications equipment to GSM service providers and in the supply of smart phones.