Office of Health and Information Technologies

We do this by leveraging in-depth sector expertise to strengthen the global competitiveness of these industries through industry analysis, trade policy development, trade promotion, and reducing or eliminating trade barriers. The health and IT sectors are dynamic and innovative, and U.S. companies are internationally competitive across a range of legacy and emerging subsectors. Our work supports current and future industry needs by optimizing market conditions for U.S. exporters.

OHIT’s Health Technologies Team provides expertise and trade policy knowledge that supports the following industries: medical device, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, Health IT, and hospital services. For more information about OHIT and ITA’s work with these industries, please visit the Healthcare and Health Technologies page.

OHIT’s Information Technologies Team provides industry and trade policy expertise to support U.S. suppliers of the hardware that enables the digital economy. These products range from the semiconductors powering electronic devices like phones and computers, to the data center equipment that makes cloud computing possible. For more information on OHIT and ITA’s work on this industry, please visit the ICT and the Digital Economy page.