The WGR Gap Analysis Service helps CS clients with SEO considerations for the website
Website Globalization Review (WGR) Service
A WGR Service Report provides technical and strategic recommendations for a business's cross-border ecommerce sales channel efforts, focusing on international SEO of a business website.

Website Globalization Review Service

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WGR Service Internationalizes Your Website

The Website Globalization Review Service is available only to clients of the USCS
Example of WGR Gap Analysis  Service Report

Are you getting online international sales? The Website Globalization Review (WGR) Service assesses the international readiness of your website, helping you target overseas customers with your SEO and ecommerce sales. This is a SEO diagnostic service designed to help you acquire more international consumers online.

The WGR Gap Analysis Service is:

  • Available to CS clients as part of digital strategy counseling with a CS Trade Specialist;
  • An evaluation of a business’s website from international marketing and sales perspective;
  • Report provides website SEO enhancements that will make your web presence more appealing and functional for overseas sales prospects.

Global Website -> Global Web Traffic -> Global Sales

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The WGR Service uses SEO crawls and internationalization best practices
Using 2 web crawlers, the WGR Gap Analysis Service
helps you to internationalize your website SEO

Each WGR Service Report Includes:


WGR Service Pricing:

  • Small Company Fee= $100
  • Medium Company Fee= $300
  • Large Company Fee= $400


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