Internationalize your business website so consumers around the world can find you
Website Internationalization
Make it clear to website visitors that you are capable of handling international sales.

Website Internationalization

International SEO is important for cross-border ecommerce

Let the world know you are open for business online.

Website internationalization is the first step in the 3 Stages of Website Globalization, and is a term used to describe the process companies go through to make their websites more effective at reaching potential customers and business partners in other countries. It is the most common-sense approach for small and mid-sized companies looking to enhance their international marketing and sales efforts.

It begins with optimizing your website for search engines, in order to identify and solve technical website issues that would prevent international buyers from finding and transacting with you online. 


There are three phases of website work that businesses should grow through for international sales:

  1. Internationalization: website is culturally neutral, high-performing regardless of bandwidth, and structured to facilitate transaction and translation.
  2. Regionalization: website has specifically designed landing pages to facilitate cultural and language more focused on a particular region of the world, but not a specific country. Market research and analytics help define and refine market opportunities to pursue.
  3. Localization: modifying a company’s website to specifically focus on a particular country.  Localization of a website in another country must be done correctly to be effective and demands professional assistance. Please visit the eCommerce Business Service Providers Directory to find a solution to meet your business’ online needs.

Our Website Globalization Review (WGR) Gap Analysis Service provides technical and strategic assessment of a business’s website and ecommerce sales channel efforts.

We recommend working with your local Trade Specialist to internationalize your website as a part of your digital strategy.

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