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eCommerce BSP Directory
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eCommerce BSP Directory

This referral resource page for our businesses clients that are undergoing digital strategy counseling and have conducted a WGR Gap Analysis Service with their local Trade Specialist.

Service Provider Categories

The eCommerce Business Service Provider (BSP) Directory contains basic information on ecommerce service providers, that US exporters contacts for optimizing their digital real estate, in pursuit of increased online sales.
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization, Website Localization Services, Social Media Services, Translation Services
Security Software, Data Storage, Data Forensics
eCommerce Logistics
Fulfillment Centers, Last Mile Services
eCommerce Legal & Regulatory
Export Compliance, Data Privacy, Intellectual Property Rights, Legal Translation & Interpreting Services
Online Payments
Gateways, Shopping Cart, VAT Tax, Foreign Exchange Rate
eCommerce Marketplaces
B2C, B2B, Commercial & Niche focus
eCommerce Sales Channel Management
Omni-Channel Services, Customer Experience, Product Experience
eCommerce Back-End Technology
Website Development, Backend Software/SaaS Integrations