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Market Intelligence
Romania digitalization of education

The Romanian government is investing in education technology, opening opportunities for U.S. providers of digital learning tools.

Education Romania
Market Intelligence
Romania Public Sector Digital Transformation

Romania is investing in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and skills training to advance its public sector recovery and resilience plan.

Information and Communication Technology Romania
Market Intelligence
Japan Education Technology

Japan sets numerical targets for digital talent development and offers potential opportunities for U.S. digital upskilling solution providers.

Education Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Waste Management

Hong Kong’s waste crisis open doors to U.S. waste management firms.

Waste Management and Recycling Hong Kong
Market Intelligence
African Continental Free Trade Area

African countries will implement a reporting, monitoring, and elimination mechanism for non-tariff barriers (NTBs).

Africa Trade Barriers
Market Intelligence
Greece Film Industry

A 40 percent cash rebate offers incentives and has created a positive environment for film production in Greece.

Film Industry Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Railway System

A $4.5 billion upgrade is underway for the Greek railway network.

Rail Transportation Greece Railway Transport
Market Intelligence
Singapore Green Initiative

Singapore Government pushes towards sustainability under the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Environmental Remediation Singapore
Market Intelligence
Ghana Oil and Gas Sector

Recent surges in international energy prices help spur initiatives to expand Ghana’s oil and gas sector.

Oil and Gas Field Machinery Ghana
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Fintech Opportunities

U.S. financial technology companies will find opportunities in digital payments, digital credit/lending, and corporate finance management in Guatemala.

Mobile Applications Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Kazakhstan Air Cargo Opportunities

Kazakhstan is looking for partnership with U.S. logistics companies to develop air cargo in the country’s two biggest airports.

Distribution and Logistics Kazakhstan
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology

Hong Kong has an ambitious plan for becoming an international innovation and technology hub. 

Information and Communication Technology Hong Kong Government Influence Issues
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Franchise Market

After the pandemic, signs of recovery are expected in 2022 in the franchise sector in Guatemala.

Franchising Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Student Recruitment Strategies

Guatemalan students are attracted to U.S. higher education institutions. 

Higher Education Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Ghana Tourism Sector

Niche tourism attractions will drive Ghanaian tourism’s recovery from the Covid pandemic. 

Tourist Attractions Ghana