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Slovakia Healthcare Opportunities

The results of the Healthcare Readiness Index (HRI) study that analyzes the preparedness of health systems for aging, an increase in chronic diseases, other waves of infectious diseases, and arrival of innovations show that Slovakia’s health system is the third worst among 27 EU countries by the preparedness to face future challenges.

The Slovak Recovery Plan – Healthcare Chapter Preapproved Allocation (to become effective as of July 2023) is USD 1.5 billion and is divided into three categories:

  1. Modern and affordable healthcare (USD 1.15 billion)
  2. Humane, modern and affordable mental health care (USD 89 million)
  3. Affordable and high-quality long-term social and health care (USD 265 million)

Slovakia has excellent market opportunities in the fields of:

  • sophisticated health technologies and equipment, including dental
  • innovate, generic, biosimilar drugs
  • devices increasing efficiency and reducing occupancy rates in hospitals
  • R&D (super deduction from the tax base 200% of eligible expenses)
  • Stratification of hospitals - reduction of the current 78 hospitals to 46 by 2030
  • AI / IT - DRG system


  • Publicly accessible relevant information sharing (e-Health information, e-Warning, e-Learning, eHealth forum, e-Library /SILK, e-IZ WHO),
  • Allocation (e-Booking, e-Referral, e-Waiting list, e-Vaccination, e-Reminder, e-Laboratory, e-Pharmacy, e-Calendar management, e-National Transfusion Service),
  • EHR (Electronic health record providing, Emergency data set providing, patient’s personal account),
  • e-Health managerial support (health providers rating, e-Monitor, e-Statistics, e-Report, aggregated demographic information, Epidemiologic situation),
  • Picture archiving and communication system (PACS),
  • Infrastructure management (National Health Portal, e-Registry, Interface, SK SNOMED, Health professional card, Health insurance card, national operator’s services),
  • Management and verification of financial flows (e-Clearing, e-Filling, e-Verification),
  • Telemedicine (tele-monitoring, tele-care, tele-radiology, tele-dermatology, tele-consulting) and
  • Other (EBM support, e-Genomics, e-consulting, Call center health support, e-Counselling, e-First Aid).
    Cybersecurity – especially in public network of healthcare providers

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