Senegal - Country Commercial Guide
Medical Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, and eHealth Technology
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As part of the PSE and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the GOS is prioritizing development of the healthcare sector, including constructing and outfitting numerous public hospitals and clinics across the country.  Private firms are developing private health care facilities as well.  The GOS actively welcomes cooperation of U.S. companies in the health care sector, including in medical equipment, drone technology, eHealth solutions, and the development of facilities.  This sector is dominated by European products.  Strong working relationships between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and USAID’s Health Office and GOS counterparts can benefit U.S. firms by facilitating introductions.

Leading Sub-Sectors

Leading subsectors include X-Ray, scanning, and diagnostic equipment; eHealth systems and solutions; hospital and clinic development and equipment; pharmaceuticals; and innovative solutions such as drone delivery.


Opportunities exist to export specialized equipment.  Several U.S.-based charities and development organizations donate refurbished medical equipment from the U.S. to Senegalese hospitals and medical practices for free.  Project Cure, for example, in the past has donated over $3 million worth of medical equipment to hospitals in Senegal, allowing increased accuracy of medical diagnoses and treatment without the need for hospitals to buy equipment at market rates.  

Opportunities exist for long-range medical delivery via drones in remote areas.