Rwanda - Country Commercial Guide
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Rwanda continues to be one of the fastest-growing African countries in ICT, though adequate numbers of skilled IT professionals are still lacking.  There are several avenues for growth for the ICT sector:  from e-commerce and e-services, mobile technologies, applications development, and automation to becoming a regional center for the training of ICT professionals and research.  The government has installed over 5,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable throughout Rwanda with regional links to neighboring countries.  Rwanda is also one of the few countries in Africa to have launched a high-speed 4G LTE wireless broadband network in Kigali, though uptake is slow.  The government continues to emphasize the development of 4G capability.  Korea Telecom has a 35-year contract to manage the national telecom network.  The RDB launched its concept for the Kigali Innovation City project at the 2016 World Economic Forum in Kigali.  Investment in the project stands at several hundred million dollars in addition to a $100 million Rwanda Innovation Fund.   

Leading Sub-Sectors 

  • Telecommunications 

  • Internet 

  • Software 


  • Business process outsourcing (BPO) 

  • Technical training institutes for ICT specialized courses 

  • Software development (mobile applications, innovative e-payment solutions like mobile money and cashless transactions)  

  • Internet data centers (computer security management and disaster recovery planning facilities) 

  • Kigali Innovation City 

  • SMART energy grid development 

  • Access network/last mile connectivity  

  • ICT financing mechanisms 

  • Business development centers 

More telecommunication market and regulation information is available from the Ministry of ICT, RDB, and the Rwanda Information Society Authority.