North Macedonia - Country Commercial Guide
Trade Barriers
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Several products are subject to quality control by market inspection officials at customs offices.  These officials are employed by the Ministry of Economy to ensure that imported goods are in compliance with domestic standards.  Products subject to quality control include most agriculture products, cars, electrical appliances, and products in which poor quality may pose a health risk to consumers.  When applicable, products also must pass sanitary, phytopathology, or veterinary control.  (Additional information on sanitary requirements can be obtained from the Ministry of Health; phytopathology and veterinary requirements can be obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Resource Management.)

Import regulations are numerous and are not always available in English.  In order to learn about customs duties, taxes, and quality requirements for a specific product, U.S. exporters should consult the Customs Administration web page or contact freight forwarders or business consultants in North Macedonia.

For more information and help with trade barriers please contact:

International Trade Administration
Enforcement and Compliance
(202) 482-0063