North Macedonia - Country Commercial Guide
Temporary Entry
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Products may be imported into North Macedonia on a temporary basis.  Information about the rules on temporary imports can be found at North Macedonia Customs Administration.

Products allowed temporary import status include raw materials processed in North Macedonia for re-export, infrastructure equipment produced by foreign contractors, and office equipment for foreign firms.

North Macedonia is a party to the Customs Convention on Carnet (ATA) for Temporary Import of Goods.  Presentation of an ATA carnet, or TIR carnet, facilitates the process.  An entry carnet may be obtained from a local chamber of commerce in the United States.  Carnets are usually valid for 1 year and list the products to be imported on a duty-free basis.  The carnet must be presented upon entry into North Macedonia.  Customs will stamp the carnet, thereby validating it.  Upon departure, the carnet must again be presented for validation, confirming that the product is being transported out of North Macedonia.  Failure to re-export the goods results in application of the corresponding duties.  For more information on ATA Carnets, visit the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration at