North Macedonia - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities
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The most successful U.S. trade products during 2021 in North Macedonia were engines and engine parts; chemicals; meat; poultry; other automotive parts and vehicle accessories; other industrial supplies; industrial machines; service industry machines; computers; and medical equipment. 

Energy – The government has privatized some energy assets and is providing concessions for other energy opportunities.  EVN, the private electricity distribution company, continues to make substantial infrastructure investments. 

Transportation – The current government of North Macedonia prioritizes upgrades to the country’s transportation infrastructure and is looking for trusted international companies for road and rail projects. 

Information Technology and Computers – This growing sector continues to provide opportunities for U.S. companies, both by providing hardware, software, and services to local entities and by setting up remote service providers in-country to take advantage of North Macedonia’s talent pool. 

Construction – There are both export and investment opportunities available for U.S. companies in the construction and building materials sector. 

Hotel and Restaurant Equipment/Tourism – The country’s geographic location, scenic areas, and historical and religious sites provide opportunities for tourism industry investment, development, and management. 

Agriculture – Agriculture is an important segment of the economy with expanded opportunities for U.S. exports of fertilizer, farming equipment, and food processing machinery.