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Protecting Intellectual Property
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North Macedonia’s legal regime for intellectual property rights (IPR) is generally in line with international standards.  Government agencies, such as the Industrial Property Office and the Customs Administration in particular, generally cooperate with rights holders.  Companies that proactively seek protection of their brands in North Macedonia are usually satisfied with institutional responsiveness.  North Macedonia is not included in the Special 301 Report.   

The Office of Intellectual Property Rights does not have an IP Snapshot for North Macedonia at 

Any foreign company should consider several general principles for effective management and protection of their intellectual property.  For background on these principles please link to our article on Protecting Intellectual Property

IP Attaché Contact  
Rachel Bae 
U.S. Mission to the European Union 
Boulevard du Regent 27 
BE – 1000 
Brussels, Belgium 
Telephone: 32-2-811-5308 

Interested parties may also consult the State Department’s Investment Climate Statements, which include information on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in North Macedonia: