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Information and Telecommunications Technology
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Madagascar has a robust ICT sector, with established players dominating the provision of telecommunication services. From 2007 to 2017, internet speed ranged between 144.81Kbps and 3788.46kbps while the number of IP addresses (quarterly) for the same period was 3167.00 (lowest) vs. 34386.00 (highest). In the past decade, due to the availability of low-cost, high-quality labor and higher than average internet speed, more and more call centers and business outsourcing companies have set up shop in Madagascar, while services have also diversified to keep pace.

Leading sub-sectors 

  • Cloud computing: access to databases and universal services 
  • Application software for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and collaborative apps
  • Computer systems and software: desktops, laptops, notebooks, peripherals, and servers  
  • Telecommunication equipment and infrastructure including 5G infrastructure
  • E-Commerce
  • Call-centers and outsourcing platforms                
Table 1: Total Market Size for Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Peripherals, Servers, Software, & Services
                                 DESKTOP, LAPTOP, NOTEBOOK, PERIPHERALS, SERVERS, SOFTWARE, & SERVICES20192020202120222023 (Jan-Jun)
Total exports 18893110153
Total imports 6,5714,2586,7006,9064,691
Imports from the U.S.95295314142
Total market size 6,5534,1696,6696,8964,538

Data source: Madagascar Customs. Figures are in thousands of USD. HTS codes used to produce these numbers are 8443.31.00, 8443.32.00, 8443.39.00 8443.12.00 8443.13.00 for printers, 8528.42.00 8528.52.00 8528.62.00 for monitors, 9017.80.00 for computers.

Table 2: Total Market Size forTelecom, E-Commerce, Call Centers And Outsourcing Platforms And Equipment
Total exports 362362189242178
Total imports 14,36315,55921,45719,90212,236
Imports from the U.S.37613760646190
Total market size 14,00115,19721,26819,66012,058

Data source: Madagascar Customs. Figures are in thousands of USD. HTS codes used to produce this table are 8527.12.00 8527.19.10 8527.19.90 for receptors and 8517.62.00 and 8517.69.00 for transmitters. 


  • Planned government procurement  
  • Technology parks
  • Manufacturing and assembly plants for electronic components
  • Computer and telecommunication equipment assembly units
  • Development of high value-added mobile applications
  • Tele-services companies (call centers, telemarketing, remote data entry, outsourcing)
  • Consulting companies, subsidiaries of world leading multinationals
  • Training centers offering certification on technologies and international standards in application development, information system audit, security audit, and project management


  • Website of the Regulatory Body for Telecommunications (ARTEC):
  • Website of Madagascar Telecommunication, Post and Digital Technology (MPTDN):
  • Website of the Association of Telecommunications Operators (GOTICOM):