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Equipment and Machinery
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The government’s infrastructure development plan, if implemented, will also raise the profile of ancillary industries such as the equipment and machinery sector. U.S. manufacturers of construction equipment, machinery, and tools would have an opportunity to participate in strategic infrastructure development. The development of the sector could present opportunities for U.S. exports of extractive industries goods, machinery, and equipment, since Madagascar has commercially significant reserves of several mineral resources, including rare earths, nickel, cobalt, uranium, coal, chromite, bauxite, graphite, mica, as well as gold and other precious and semi-precious stones. 

Leading Sub-Sectors 

Table 1: Total Market Size for Construction Equipment
CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT20192020202120222023 (Jan-Jun)
Total exports 5081,803348680240
Total imports 28,23232,02845,89251,79828,245
Imports from the U.S.1,9864,0557842,6411,523
Total market size 27,72430,22545,54451,11828,005

Data source: Madagascar Customs. Figures are in thousands of USD. Items used for this table are those with four-digit HTS codes 8428, 8429, and 8430 and items with eight-digit HTS code 8431.31.00, 8431.39.00, 8431.41.00, 8431.42.00 and 8431.49.00

Table  2: Total Market Size for Machinery and Tools
MACHINERY AND TOOLS20192020202120222023 (Jan-Jun)
Total exports 10,9235,9718,9579,0863,625
Total imports 263,654224,744299,800356,582200,021
Imports from the U.S.29,65526,00024,52648,86449,828
Total market size 252,722218,773291,143347,496196,396

Data source: Madagascar Customs. Figures are in thousands of USD. All items starting with two-digit HTS code 84 were used to produce this table, excluding those used in the previous table (construction equipment and machinery) 

Table  3: Total Market Size for Drilling Machinery and Equipment
DRILLING MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT20192020202120222023 (Jan-Jun)
Total exports 100000
Total imports 6771,02036500
Imports from the U.S.350000
Total market size 6671,02036500

Data source: Madagascar Customs. Figures are in thousands of USD. The HTS code used to produce the tables are the 8-digit codes 84304100 and 84304900 which are both drilling machines.


  • Madagascar Annual Mine Fair (“Salon des Mines de Madagascar”) 


  • Ministry of Mines and Strategic Resources
  • Chamber of Mines of Madagascar
  • Ministry of Industry, Trade and Consumption
  • Association of Industry in Madagascar
  • Madagascar Association of Public Works Contractors (SEBTP)