Madagascar - Country Commercial Guide
Design and Construction Services Sector
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Investment in modern infrastructure is another key factor in the GOM’s effort to increase economic growth and alleviate poverty. The government envisages an ambitious array of infrastructure projects: roads to connect remote areas of the island to urban centers; replacing and building bridges and overpasses; strengthening the public health and education systems; and developing business parks and a new satellite city near the capital Antananarivo.

The construction sector is largely informal, and most of the country’s small building firms are unregistered. Many registered contractors collaborate with their unregistered counterparts, enlisting the services of informal sub-contractors for smaller projects and/or specific tasks. High-value projects are usually awarded to large foreign construction companies through their well-established Malagasy subsidiaries. Over the past five years, the construction industry has contributed an average of nine percent to GDP.

Leading Sub-Sectors 

  • Architectural services 
  • Construction services 
  • Construction technology 
  • Interior design services 
  • Landscape design services 


  • Participation in major infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, hospitals, and schools
  • Investment in business and industrial parks
  • Bidding during open calls for tenders 
  • Planned construction of a new satellite city near the capital Antananarivo