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Medical equipment is an emerging sector in Barbados.  The government is actively pursuing the international medical education sector by hosting offshore medical schools established to conduct classes for mostly foreign students.  The government remains commited to attract more offshore medical schools to add to the schools that are already present on island.  The government is also looking to enhance its medical tourism sector to offer specialized medical, pallative and rehabilitation services to foreigners at a lower cost than in their home countries.  Barbados has two larger medical facilities with a network of smaller clinics.  The local univeristy, the University of the West Indies,also has a medical school on campus.  Due to the coronavirus, the government continues to source medical grade personal protective equipment (PPE), COVID-19 testing equipment, monitoring equipment, and other supplies for its specialized testing and monitoring centers as well as for the general healthcare sector and other essential services

Leading Sub-Sectors

Leading sub-sectors include rehabilitation equipment, PPE, medical monitoring equipment, surgical equipment, medical educational, and instructional equipment.


The medical profession is well established on the island.  There is a vibrant private medical sector which provides paid services for resident and non-resident populations.  These clinics usually provide around-the-clock emergency care.  The government is also seeking to upgrade public medical facilities.  Offshore medical schools domiciled on the island require up-to-date technology and equipment.  The government has established COVID-19 monitoring and treatment centers that require PPE and other specialized medical equipment.


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