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Selling Factors & Techniques
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Advertising is of particular importance in the Barbadian market.  Along with direct marketing, companies also utilize advertising via traditional and non-traditional media sources.  Other techniques that have been employed include promotion of a new product or service at public events, focus groups, and company presentations.

Trade Promotion and Advertising

Most businesses advertise in newspapers, on radio, and on the one local television station.  The Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) ( also provides an e-marketing service to both members and non-members.  The Barbados Manufacturing Association (BMA) holds a local trade exposition, the Barbados Manufacturers’ Exposition (BMEX), where local and foreign businesses can showcase their goods and services.  Futher information can be obtained from the BMA.

Daily Newspapers:

“The Barbados Advocate”


St. Michael, Barbados

Tel:  246-467-2000

Fax:  246-434-2020

Advertising: Sandra Clarke, General Manager -


“The Nation”

Nation House


St. Michael, Barbados

Tel:  246-430-5400

Fax:  246-430-9214/436-0849

Classified Ads:  Paulette Jones, Advertising Manager –


Both dailies have Monday business supplements and 4-color ad capacity.

Both dailies can produce 4-color advertising inserts, although several advertising and printing companies can also provide pieces for insert.


There is also an electronic newspaper which is published Monday to Friday. This e-newspaper also has advertising capabilities:

Barbados Today

22 Warrens, St. Michael

Tel: 246-417-1000



There is also one regional online media group which provides digital advertising solutions across web and mobile platforms:

Trend Media Barbados (Loop News Barbados)

Williams Tower

Williams Industries Complex

Warrens, St. Michael

Tel: 246-832-5667/8


Radio Stations:

Barbados Broadcasting Service Ltd. 90.7 FM and Faith 102.1 FM


St. George, Barbados

Tel:  246-437-9550

Fax:  246-437-9554


Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation

94.7 CBC Radio, 98.1 The One FM, CBC Q 100.7 FM

The Pine

St. Michael, Barbados

Tel: 246/429-2041 (switchboard); 246-467-5442 (sales)

Fax: 246-429-4795


Starcom Network Inc.

92.9 FM VOB, 95.3 HOTT FM, De Beat 104.1 FM, Life 97.5 FM Gospel

Advertising and Sales

River Road

Bridgetown, Barbados

Tel: 246-430-7312

Fax: 246-429-8093


Television & Cable:

Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (local Barbados TV Station)

The Pine

St. Michael, Barbados

Tel: 246-429-2041 (switchboard); 246-467-5442

Fax: 246-429-4795


Caribbean Media Corporation (regional broadcast and print news service; maintains one cable TV station carrying regional news and information)

Unit 1B, Building 6A,                       

Harbour Industrial Park          

Bridgetown, Barbados

Tel: 246/467-1000

Fax: 246/429-4355



MultiChoice Television

Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation

The Pine

St. Michael, Barbados

Tel: 246-429-2041

Fax: 246-429-4795


Direct TV Barbados

Nation House

Roebuck Street,

Bridgetown, Barbados

Tel: 246-435-7362

Fax: 246-228-5553


Flow Barbados (Flow TV)

2A (formerly Orange Mall) Warrens

St. Michael, Barbados

Tel: 246-620-3569


Digicel Barbados (Digicel Play)

2nd Floor, Williams Tower

Williams Industries Complex

Warrens, St. Michael

Telephone: 246 467 7000 or 246 434 3444


The U.S. Department of Commerce, through its U.S. Commercial Service Caribbean Regional Office in the Dominican Republic, can assist U.S. exporters in developing a marketing and promotion strategy through the following fee-based services:

  • Single Company Promotion (SCP): This service provides U.S. companies with promotional services to help increase the awareness of their product/service in a specific market.  The promotional event may consist of a technical seminar, press conference, luncheon, dinner, or reception, with targeted direct mail or e-mail campaigns and includes a post-event debriefing to discuss next steps. 
  • Featured U.S. Exporters (FUSE):  This service provides U.S. companies with an opportunity to enhance their international marketing efforts through improved search engine optimization.  A listing on the directory of an overseas Commercial Service office’s local website gives U.S. exporters targeted overseas exposure to more effectively help them find foreign business partners in specific local markets.  It allows local importers to find U.S. exporters interested in exporting to a specific local foreign market.
  • Business Service Provider (BSP): This service is an online program to help U.S. exporters identify professional export service providers to support them in the assessment, financing, or completion of an export transaction.

Please contact your local U.S. Export Assistance Center, the U.S. Commercial Service Caribbean Regional Office in the Dominican Republic (Tel: 809-567-7775 ext. 7249, Email: ), or the Political/Economic/Commercial Section in the U.S. Embassy in Bridgetown, Barbados: (Tel: 246-227-4052, Email: for further information on these services.


Local companies use the cost plus method to price their products.  The cost base is the CIF, including local charges.  Markups generally range from 20 to 50 percent.  Higher markups exist for specialty items where there is little or no competition.

Prices in Barbados are high, typically 1.5 to 2.5 times higher than what a product would sell for in the United States.  Import tariffs and taxes are high, and competition at the wholesale and retail level is minimal. 

Sales Service/Customer Support

Local companies offer after-sales service for the products they sell to the consumer.  In some instances, companies have established a customer support help desk to handle customer queries.  Local companies that act as agents of international brands often receive staff training on after-sales service on the products that they represent.

Local Professional Services

A local attorney is necessary when incorporating a business or buying property.  The legal system in Barbados is mainly derived from British law adapted to local culture and circumstances. 

Generally, cases involving real property, titles, or disputes are likely to be lengthy and involve considerable legal expense.  Additionally, the purchase and sale of property by non-nationals may be subject to restrictions or special taxation.  Thus, it is wise to consult an attorney before purchasing or selling real estate.

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Bridgetown maintains a current list of lawyers, which can be found on the webpage:

This list of attorneys has been prepared for the use and convenience of U.S. citizens who require legal advice and assistance in civil or criminal proceedings or disputes in Barbados.

While the attorneys or firms included in the list have been carefully chosen, the Embassy and its staff assume no responsibility for their professional ability or integrity or for any fees or other charges requested to provide legal services.  American consular officers are not qualified to provide legal advice and are in fact prohibited by U.S. law from doing so or from otherwise acting as legal representative or agents for American citizens abroad.

Before selecting an attorney, the prospective client may wish to speak with several attorneys or the local bar association and, in an initial consultation, discuss services required, expectations, fees, methods of payment, and other similar issues.

For additional information, please consult the American Citizen Services web page (, which provides information that can assist you within the limits of U.S. and host country laws. 

Barbados Bar Association


Perry Gap

Roebuck Street


St. Michael


Telephone number 246-537-7316

Fax number 246-538-1739

Email address:


Most professional services in Barbados have associations that provide listings of their members that you may consult prior to conducting business in Barbados.

Barbados Association of Professional Engineers

“Christie’s Building”,

Garrison Hill,

St. Michael,


Telephone: 246-429 6105



Barbados Institute of Architects

“Christie’s Building”,

Garrison Hill,

St. Michael,


Telephone: 246-430-0956



Institute of Chartered Accounts of Barbados

Room 29, Hastings,

Christ Church,


Telephone: 246-429-5678

Fax: 1-246-426-0970


Principal Business Associations

The American Chamber of Commerce for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean (AmCham BEC) is headquartered in Barbados and facilitates business relations between its member jurisdictions and the United Statesand works closely with governments and the private sector to expand trade and investment.  Member jurisdictions include Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  AmCham BEC has the unique distinction of being the only multi-national American Chamber of Commerce in the world.

Dustin Delany, President and Chairman

Renatta Mohammed, Executive Director

American Chamber of Commerce for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean (AmCham BEC)

Burnham Court

Bishop’s Court Hill

Upper Collymore Rock

St. Michael BB11115


Telephone: 246-230-8510


Fax: 246-228-2264

Email:  or

The Barbados Private Sector Association (BPSA) is the umbrella organization for all private sector organizations in Barbados.  The BPSA contributes to national policy and social development through dialogue with its members and the government.  Its members include the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), the Barbados Small Business Association, the Barbados International Business Association, the Barbados Manufacturers’ Association, the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, the Barbados Bankers’ Association, the Barbados Employers’ Confederation, the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries, and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados (Associate Member).

Barbados Private Sector Association

The Annex

Geddes Grant Complex

Whitepark Road

St. Michael


Telephone: 246-430-6541



The BCCI is the oldest private sector organization on the island.  Founded in 1825, it provides assistance to potential investors who are interested in expanding their products and services to Barbados.  As part of the BPSA, it represents and lobbies for the business sector during government negotiations.

Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2 Braemar Court,

Deighton Road,

Brittons Hill,

St. Michael,


Telephone: 246-434-4750

Fax: 246-228-2907



The Barbados International Business Association is a private sector organization that speaks on behalf of the international business sector and it is open to companies involved or associated with the sector.  


Barbados International Business Association

#19 Pine Road,


 St. Michael,


Telephone: 246-537-2422

Fax: 246-537-2423


Limitations on Selling U.S. Products and Services

In Barbados, no industries are closed to private enterprise, although the government reserves the right not to allow certain investments.  Some activities, such as telecommunications, utilities, broadcasting, franchises, banking, and insurance require a license from the government.  There are no quotas, or other restrictions, on foreign ownership of a local enterprise or participation in a joint venture.