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Renewable Energy Technologies
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Renewable and alternative energy remain a growing area of opportunity in Barbados.  The government has announced plans for more regulation and to attract more investment in the sector.  The Barbadian renewables market is focused on solar photovoltaics, but interest is increasing in wind, waste, biomass, and ocean and wave energy.  Electric buses have also been added to the public transportation fleet.  The government has also tabled a proposal for a multi-million-dollar 30 MW multi-source plant and green energy park.

Leading Sub-Sectors

Solar photovoltaics and smaller-scale wind turbines are becoming increasingly popular for residential and commercial purposes, particularly in the tourism sector.  The government is also exploring larger utility-scale wind, solar, ocean and biomass generated energy projects for national electricity consumption and to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.


The United States is the world leader in renewable energy research and technology.  Proximity to Barbados and current duty-free exemptions on solar technologies are some of the advantages of Barbados in this area.  Barbados is seeking to become a leader in clean energy transformation, grid modernization, and energy efficiency.  While focus has been primarily on solar, opportunities are expected in other areas of alternative energy generation.


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