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Trade Barriers
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Barbados requires that importers obtain permits, licenses, or permission from the relevant authorities for specified products prior to importation.  Phytosanitary certificates are required from the exporting authorities for fresh fruit, vegetables, plants, and plant materials, and must accompany the goods declaration before processing is allowed. Similarly, overseas health certificates must accompany meat and meat products. Psychotropic and other controlled drugs are subject to licenses from the Ministry of Health. Additionally, there are several other products that must meet requirements from the Barbados National Standards Institution. Government red tape and inefficiencies on the part of the customs authority are frequently cited as trade impediments.  The government has recently introduced a draft customs bill to update existing legislation. The draft bill has received input from the private and public sectors.  The goals of the draft bill are to streamline operations, promote transparency, reduce clearance times, and address non-tariff trade barriers.