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Inland Waterways Opportunities in West Bengal
The U.S. Commercial Service is seeking U.S. companies for maritime transportation opportunities in West Bengal.

West Bengal Waterways Procurement

The U.S. Commercial Service is seeking U.S. companies with the below capabilities interested in the State of West Bengal Department of Transportation’s (WBDOT) procurement opportunities for their World Bank funded Inland Waterways project in the West Bengal region. The WBDOT plans to issue tenders in January 2021.

Key Opportunities for U.S. Companies:

Terminal Development: Multi-modal terminals, Ferry Terminals, Ro-Ro Terminals Automated Fare Collection System for terminals

Navigation Aids: River Information System (RIS), Digital Global Positioning Systems, CarD (Cargo Data)

Transportation:  Advanced Roll On and Roll Off ships, Advanced Technology High Speed Vessels, Electric Vessels, Advanced Technology Jetties

Training: Training institute collaboration, Hardware and software usage, River safety, Control room operations

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