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Travel and Tourism Research
The official U.S. government source for data and analysis on international travel to and from the United States. The National Travel and Tourism Office is charged with managing, improving, and expanding the system of travel statistics to fully account for and report on the impact of U.S. travel and tourism.

Travel and Tourism Research

National Travel and Tourism Research

The National Travel and Tourism’s (NTTO) research products provide critical market intelligence to a range of stakeholders, including agencies within the U.S. Department of Commerce, other federal departments and agencies, Congressional offices, local and state policymakers, domestic travel and tourism industry firms and organizations, foreign governments and companies, the media, and academia, and more.

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Travel and Tourism Statistics, Research Programs, and Monitors

International Visitor Arrivals
Explore monthly and annual international visitor arrivals to the United States by their country of residence or citizenship.
NTTO’s ADIS I-94 International Visitor Arrivals Program also includes visitation by Visa Type, Mode of Transportation, Age, and First Intended Address.
International Traveler Characteristics
View quarterly and annual characteristics of non-U.S. residents visiting the United States (inbound) and U.S. residents visiting world regions and overseas countries (outbound) including: trip planning, travel party size, purposes and activities, destinations visited, spending patterns, and other characteristics primarily based on the Survey of International Air Travelers (SIAT).
International Travel Receipts and Payments Program
Explore monthly and annual U.S. travel and tourism receipts by international visitors in the United States (exports), payments by U.S. residents abroad (imports), and the balance of trade for major world regions and select countries.
International Air Passenger Travel
View monthly and annual international air passenger arrivals and departures between U.S. and foreign airports.
NTTO’s APIS I-92 International Air Travel Statistics Program provides U.S. citizen and non-citizen air passenger traffic at the airport, city and country level of detail. U.S. international visitor departures are also part of this program.
Traveler Profiles
Find out who is visiting the United States, what cities they are visiting, and why. NTTO’s Country Profile Monitor shows the demographic visitor profiles for more than 70 countries.
Economic Impact of Travel and Tourism
Measure the economic impact of travel and tourism on the U.S. economy through the Travel and Tourism Satellite Account (TTSA) including: economic output, employment, share of GDP, inflation and demand components.
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NTTO Research Reports
Learn more about the travel and tourism industry through these more in-depth reports.
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Forecast of International Visitation to the United States
Track NTTO’s latest annual international visitor forecast which estimates international arrivals to the United States from 14 countries and regions. The annual forecast includes visitor volume, annual percent change and share of 2019 visitation as well as a summary report.
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NTTO Data Visualizations
Interact with NTTO “Monitors” that cover international visitation, air passenger enplanements, traveler characteristics, state of the travel industry, international trade, top destinations, and country profiles.
Fact Sheets
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 Download the National Travel and Tourism Office’s collection of PDF fact sheets and reports. They reflect the latest trends and information on the international travel and tourism industry market. 


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