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International Air Travel Statistics Program (I-92)

U.S. International Air Travel Statistics (I-92 data)

This program provides information on international air traffic between the United States and other countries. The data has been collected from the Department of Homeland Security - Customs and Border Protection’s Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) since July 2010. Previously the data source was the DHS/INS I-92 paper form. These data are now obtained electronically from all U .S. and foreign flag carriers who operate United States international arrival or departure flights (Canada is included as of 2011). The APIS based “I-92” system provides air traffic data on the following parameters: number of passengers, by country, airport, scheduled or chartered, U.S. Flag, foreign flag, citizens and non-citizens.

APIS/I-92 Monitor

APIS/I-92 Monitor is ‘live’, please click on link below.
APIS/I-92 Monitor
APIS/I-92 Monitor, an On-Line Data Tool, enables Users to Interactively Analyze U.S.-International Air Travel Statistics Program Data.

Program Details

Monthly U.S. citizen departures are collected and reported in Tourism Industries U.S. International Air Travel Statistics (I-92 data) Program. Each month NTTO processes and reports outbound figures in the "U.S. International Air Passenger Statistics Report". To help the public better understand the international market we produce a monthly table online.