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International Air Travel Statistics Program (I-92)

U.S. International Air Travel Statistics (I-92 data)

This program provides information on international air traffic between the United States and other countries. The data has been collected from the Department of Homeland Security - Customs and Border Protection’s Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) since July 2010. Previously the data source was the DHS/INS I-92 paper form. These data are now obtained electronically from all U .S. and foreign flag carriers who operate United States international arrival or departure flights (Canada is included as of 2011). The APIS based “I-92” system provides air traffic data on the following parameters: number of passengers, by country, airport, scheduled or chartered, U.S. Flag, foreign flag, citizens and non-citizens.

APIS/I-92 Outbound Monitor

APIS/I-92 Outbound Monitor under Construction. Please check back in late October 2021.
APIS/I-92 Outbound Monitor
APIS/I-92 Outbound Monitor, an Interactive Data Tool, enables Users to Interactively Analyze Data in the International Air Travel Statistics Program.

Program Details

Monthly U.S. citizen departures are collected and reported in Tourism Industries U.S. International Air Travel Statistics (I-92 data) Program. Each month NTTO processes and reports outbound figures in the "U.S. International Air Passenger Statistics Report". To help the public better understand the international market we produce a monthly table online.