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Empowering Ukrainian Women Entrepreneurs
We’ve prepared two webinars for Ukrainian women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be with the hope of getting them inspired by the successful examples of other entrepreneurial ladies and start or expand exporting into new markets.

Successful Women Exporters

Alison Kelsey, international sales manager at Rekluse Motor Sports, describes how the firm became a more proactive and successful exporter with help from the U.S. Commercial Service.

Small Exporters Achieve Success

We're highlighting the inspiring experiences and global successes of woman-owned firms that have embraced exporting as a business growth strategy.
Lowcountry Pet Specialties
The company's first export sale to Austria saved local U.S. jobs. Export Counseling and the International Partner Search helped them succeed.
SpectraSpray appointed a distributor in Singapore and made it's first export sale. Export Counseling contributed to the success.
Zephyr International
This manufacturer overcame shipping challenges to export its product to Germany. Export counseling and our global network helped resolve the issue.
Dr. Kimberly Brown

Podcast Episode: Amethyst Technologies Turns International Sales Experience into Domestic Success

This Export Nation podcast episode features Dr. Kimberly Brown, CEO of Amethyst Technologies, discussing how she overcame the challenges of exporting and keeping a business afloat during COVID-19, and how this experience helped her domestic sales. She shares advice on accessing capital and encourages firms to add exporting to their five-year plan.

Find Assistance Locally

If you’re ready to expand your exports, we invite you to contact your local U.S. Commercial Service office. Our export experts are located in more than 100 domestic locations, and in more than 75 global markets to help U.S. companies start exporting or expand exports into new markets.