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Biopharmaceuticals Singapore Trade Promotion

New Jersey Firm Appoints Singaporean Distributor and Makes First Export Sale

Successful Women Exporters

A chance meeting at Women’s Entrepreneurship Week connected SpectraSpray President Janet Ryan to U.S. Commercial Service (CS) trade expert Tricia McLain.

Exporting was unchartered territory for the manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade vitamins in spray form. Tricia educated SpectraSpray on harmonized codes, EU product registration, export pricing and export grants. She also provided advice on market opportunities for their spray vitamin product in Italy, Turkey, Greece, Russia, and the Caribbean and Nordic regions. 

Tricia introduced the company to her CS colleagues in Asia, who helped SpectraSpray participate in an Asian Elder Care trade show. It was there that Spectra Spray caught the attention of a Singapore distributor with whom they now have an exclusive distributorship, resulting in an initial export sale of 1,000 items.

“Your team support was instrumental in our success and we are very grateful…I’ve learned a great deal from each of you and will now use that knowledge going forward.” – Janet Ryan, President, SpectraSpray 

Company Location: Towaco, New Jersey

Company Website:

Local CS Office: Newark, New Jersey

Trade Specialist: Tricia McLain - 

Service: Export Counseling


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