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Mozambique is a Portuguese-speaking country of over 32 million people. Located in southern Africa along the Indian Ocean, it has a surface area roughly the size of Texas and Louisiana. The country’s coastline is over 1600 miles long extending from Tanzania to South Africa, or roughly the distance from Miami, FL, to Portland, ME.

Traditionally, Mozambique’s strongest industries are agriculture, construction, and finance, but with its rich natural reserves of coal, copper, aluminum, gold, gemstones (notably rubies), iron, critical minerals, and liquefied natural gas, the Government of Mozambique is interested in growing the mining and oil and gas sectors. Tourism is another developing industry, due to the country’s pristine beaches and vast parks with diverse wildlife.
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Market Intelligence
Mozambique Infrastructure MCC Opportunities to Support New Bridge Construction in Northern Mozambique

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has published requests for proposals and information regarding engineering services to develop bridge in Mozambique. 

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Market Intelligence
Mozambique Consumer Goods and Strong Trademarks See Growing Demand

The U.S. owns the highest share of trademarks in Mozambique with over 5,850 trademarks highlighting the growing demand for American brands. 

Consumer Goods Mozambique Foreign Trade Remedies
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Biofuels Blending Mandate

The Government of Mozambique mandated that biofuels be blended with gasoline and diesel; a major opportunity for U.S. Companies.

Renewable Fuels Mozambique Renewable Energy Targets
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