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Telecommunications West Bank and Gaza

West Bank Telecommunications Sector

In 2018, the ICT sector took a major step forward with the launch of 3G services in the West Bank and with the introduction of Ooredoo mobile phone and data service in Gaza. Jawwal and Ooredoo, the two mobile phone companies operating in the West Bank and Gaza, have a combined 4.3 million mobile subscribers. Currently, only 2G service is available in Gaza. Paltel is the fixed line operator that currently has around 485,829 subscribers.

During a visit to the West Bank in July 2022, U.S. President Joe Biden announced that Israeli and Palestinian teams will work together immediately to roll out an advanced infrastructure for 4G by the end of 2023. This commitment will accelerate digital transformation and foster a more well-connected Palestinian economy. 

Most telecommunications companies in the West Bank and Gaza import directly from international vendors. The major challenge they face are Israeli restrictions on telecommunication imports that are listed as “Dual Use” products. These importers often face delays in releasing telecommunications equipment through Israeli authorities.   

Good opportunities exist for U.S. exporters of telecommunication equipment and services, antennas, two-way radios, access points, wireless solutions, fiber optic cables, and cybersecurity.  The 2023 introduction of 4G communications technology into the West Bank and Gaza will stimulate further development of businesses that will benefit from real-time GPS and location data. It will also generate jobs, increase productivity, and increase online operations in the health and education sectors.  

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