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Greece Tourism Projects

The Greek tourism sector stands to gain from a total of $54 billion in funding from the country’s national recovery and resilience plan.  Investments in tourism with particular focus on health & wellness as well as spa tourism, gastronomy and diving tourism, port upgrades, beach accessibility and special training and upskilling programs for tourism sector employees are areas expected to receive funding under the national recovery plan. 

Funding will be channeled into the following four key areas: 
1.    digital transformation
2.    boosting employment, enhancing health, education, and social cohesion
3.    the green economy
4.    attracting investment.

Most of the funds will go towards Greece’s “green” transition with energy-saving projects for homes and businesses, and urban redevelopment projects, among others. Digital transformation investments will include the rollout of 5G technology and the digitization of government services. In order to attract increased investment, the government will revise the legal framework and incentives for private investments with a focus on innovation in all areas listed above.

A large part of the funding is aimed at developing digital skills among the Greek workforce and in creating new jobs.

Opportunities for U.S firms

As of January 2023, the projects which have received approval to proceed include:

– the upgrade of tourist port infrastructure ($152 million)
– the further development of mountain and winter tourism products and facilities (such as ski resorts) and the revision and simplification of legislation covering construction, licensing, and operation of relevant infrastructure ($60 million)
– the introduction of educational and upskilling programs for 18,000 tourism industry employees ($42 million)
– the development of health and wellness tourism and the utilization of the country’s thermal springs ($27 million)
– the development of diving and underwater tourism ($23 million)
– improving the management of destinations through the establishment and operation of local or regional Destination Management Organizations for sustainable tourist development ($19 million)
– making beaches accessible to people with mobility issues or disabilities with the construction of 250 semi-permanent structures ($18 million)
– developing a network linking agri-food, gastronomy, and tourism sectors (dubbed Agri-Food, Gastronomy and Tourism Interconnection System – AGTIS), which will serve as the country’s management organization/Destination Management Organization for gastronomy and agriculture ($16 million)
– the creation of a support office for the management of tourism ministry projects to be implemented through the recovery fund ($980 thousand).
Tenders for digital solutions can be found from the following link (in Greek): 
Notices | Ministry of Digital Governance (
Firms interested in entering the market are best positioned by a local partner on the ground who is familiar with the industry. 

If you would like more information on identifying potential partners, market conditions and opportunities, please contact U.S. Commercial Service Athens Travel & Tourism Industry Specialist