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Greece Healthcare “Beating Cancer” Plan

European “Beating Cancer” Plan: how Greece plans to tackle the entire disease pathway, and opportunities for U.S. companies.


Over the coming years, it will focus on research and innovation, and tap into the potential that digitalization and new technologies offer.

The European Union has identified four key action areas where it can add the most value:

(1) prevention

(2) early detection

(3) diagnosis and treatment

(4) quality of life of cancer patients and survivors

Greece is planning to proceed with specific programs for oncology patients. The Integrated Oncology Patient Care System is one of five digital health programs funded by the European Recovery Fund. The total value of the program is $40 million. The program implementation goal is 2024.

The system is intended to digitize all cancer treatment and includes:         

  • The development of the National Cancer Archive (Cancer Registry). Greece is one of the few countries in Europe that does not have a systematic registration of tumors and consequently the development of the National Cancer Registry is a top priority.
  • An Oncological Information System that will be installed in 10-12 selected public hospitals and provide:
  • A digital platform that will host the Oncological Councils of the hospitals to design the optimal treatment for each patient from interdisciplinary teams of doctors.
  • A chemotherapy planning and management system that include: planning based on treatment protocols, accurate and safe preparation of cytostatic drugs in the hospital, and monitoring of their administration. 
  • Support for patients with electronic applications (apps), so that patients have access, at any time, to key elements of their file, can manage their treatment plan, report symptoms and side effects of treatment and support their treatment, communicate easily with their doctor, be informed about their illness, and even share their fears and anxiety.

Opportunities for U.S. Firms
There may be opportunities for U.S. firms in this space, likely including the following:

  • Offering a solution for the Cancer Treatment Information System (the system shall include therapeutic protocols for chemotherapy of which 36 are already under development)
  • Offering a solution for the implementation of the national cancer registry
  • Offering a solution for the Cancer Treatment Information System which is planned to be installed in at least 8 (out of 12) Hospitals
  • Offering a solution for telemedicine application: devices and equipment for pilot home care center to be installed and operationalized, including training for such equipment and programs

Firms interested in entering the market would be better positioned having a local partner on the ground who is familiar with the industry.

Tenders for digital solutions can be found from the following link: Notices | Ministry of Digital Governance (

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