Honduras - Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities

Overview of best prospect sectors, major infrastructure projects, significant government procurements and business opportunities.

Last published date: 2019-10-13

•Location – Located in the center of Central America, Honduras enjoys close proximity to the U.S. market. It is only a 2-3 hour flight from U.S. gateway cities and 48 to 72 hours away by sea. Honduras also serves as a distribution platform for the rest of Central America due to some of the lowest logistical costs in the region.  Puerto Cortés, the largest deep-water port in the region, is the first port in Latin America to qualify under both the Mega Ports and Container Security Initiatives (CSI).

•Commercial Environment – Consumer tastes in Honduras lean towards U.S. products and standards. English is widely spoken in business circles. Dominance of U.S. media through cable and network television strengthens the country’s preference for U.S. consumer products and culture.

•Primary Export Sectors – Leading U.S. export categories to Honduras in 2018 included: petroleum products; cotton, yarn, and textile fabrics; food manufacturers, electrical machinery; chemical products; manmade staple fibers; plastics and related articles; materials for the manufacturing of paper and paperboard; computers and electronics; and food products. CAFTA-DR’s Rules of Origin promote the use of U.S. fiber, yarn, and fabric.

•Best Prospect Sectors:  Honduras is a relatively small country with large market share for U.S. products and services. Among the most promising sectors for U.S. companies include: automotive aftermarket products; safety and security equipment; electrical power systems/renewable energy equipment; food processing and packaging equipment; hotel and restaurant equipment; education and training services; processed foods; and travel and tourism services.