Honduras - Country Commercial Guide
Labeling/Marking Requirements
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Labeling requirements for merchandise are established under Article 9 of the Consumer Protection Law, Decree 41-89 of 1990. Enforcement of marking and labeling regulations is conducted by the General Directorate of Production and Consumption of the Secretariat of Economic Development (SDE). Special regulations apply to medicines and agricultural products under the Health Code, the Phyto-Zoo Sanitary Law, and the Central America Technical Regulations (RTCA).

Products are required to provide the following label information in Spanish:

  • Name of the product (the official name as noted on the U.S. Certificate of Free Sale)
  • List of ingredients and additives and total percentage for each
  • Name and address of the product’s manufacturer and/or distributor
  • Country of Origin
  • Lot number
  • Name, address, and telephone number of Honduran distributor/representatives
  • Sanitary registration number (SRN)
  • Dates of manufacture and expiration
  • Applicable health warnings

Labels should not indicate that the product has therapeutic, healing, or any other attributes not normally associated with the product.

The declared net content must be expressed in International System (SI) units; additional net content declaration in other units is optional. Small variations in net content are permitted but must not be excessive. Honduras does not require a specific container size for any products.

Labeling for pharmaceutical products must include a list of active ingredients, as well as a sell-by date. Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages must contain a warning label that complies with the Honduran Institute for the Prevention of Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and Pharmaceutical Dependence (IHADFA) labeling requirements.

For detailed information on labeling requirements, exporters may go to Attaché Reports, Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards, or visit: https://arsateca.arsa.hn/index.php/reglamento-tecnico-centroamericano/, or Food Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards