Honduras - Country Commercial Guide
Licensing Requirements for Professional Services
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Under CAFTA-DR, Honduras allows substantial market access in services across its entire services regime, subject to a few exceptions in the licensed professions. Honduran professional associations heavily regulate the licensing of foreigners to practice law, medicine, engineering, accounting, and other professions requiring certification and industry-specific licensing.

Authorization for professional practice is also granted based on principles of reciprocity. Honduras agrees that if a jurisdiction in the United States recognizes degrees awarded by Honduran educational institutions, then Honduras will recognize the equivalent professional degrees awarded by U.S. educational institutions. In the same manner, if a jurisdiction in the United States allows Honduran national to apply for and receive a license or certificate for the provision of a professional service, then Honduras will allow U.S. nationals to apply for and receive an equivalent license or certificate. In addition, the relevant professional associations in Honduras will recognize a license granted by a jurisdiction in the United States and allow the holder to register with the association and practice the profession in Honduras.