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Outdated and limited security resources present a challenge but also an opportunity for U.S. providers of safety and security technologies. Honduran buyers in this sector recognize and prefer U.S. solutions because the established reputation for high quality and reliability.

A significant investment has been made to professionalize and modernize the national police over the last 15 years.  Consequently, there are several substantial opportunities for U.S. manufacturers of law enforcement solutions. While direct sales are possible it is recommended and desirable to have an established presence in the country.

A review of crime statistics from the Honduran national police shows that violent crimes are more prevalent in the Departments of Francisco Morazán and Cortés. National investments to strengthen domestic security have been mostly focused on manpower and physical assets. Statistical data from 2021 to 2022 shows a decrease of 2% in violent crimes (38.14 per 100k inhabitants in 2022 vs. 41.88 in 2021). Urban centers in Honduras, especially the largest cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula are realizing the importance of data collection and information analysis in law enforcement, there is also an increasing demand for security technology solutions.  There is a need to integrate evidence processing at a more technical level than is currently available. Reliable access to crime records and collection of complimentary data from health, justice, and education systems is needed to reduce the existing information gap.

Table: National Trade Data

Table: National Trade Data for Safety Equipment
 2020202120222023 (estimated)
Total Local Production0000
Total Exports1.
Total Imports183.9267.9227.5240
Imports from the US69.4 66.274.976
Total Market Size182.1266.8225.8255
Exchange RatesL24.73 L24.25L24.68L24.70

 Units: USD millions

Source: Central American Economic Integration Secretariat – SIECA


Leading Sub-Sectors

The leading safety and security industry subsectors include general law enforcement solutions, equipment and services that aid in surveillance and prevention of potential hazards in business, public or private spaces. Major areas of consumer demand emerge for fire safety (detection & prevention), video surveillance, access control, security (foreign intrusion detection, perimeter protection, and encrypted communications), biometric recognition, and cargo scanning.  Cybersecurity presents a significant opportunity for U.S. providers as malicious cyber activity threatens the public’s safety and Honduran national and economic security.


In the government sector, there is a need for telecommunications equipment, cyber security, electronic surveillance, and border control technologies. Private sector opportunities for commercial and residential security products are becoming more of a common necessity. Digital surveillance, metal detection solutions, biometric access controls, and centralized command and control centers are in high demand. 


Trade Events:Global Security Exchange (GSX): Sept. 23-25, 2024; Orlando, FL Shot Show: Jan. 23-26, 2024; Las Vegas, N

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