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Temporary Entry
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The Honduran Temporary Import Law (RIT), enacted in 1984, allows exporters to introduce raw materials, parts, and capital equipment into Honduran territory exempt from surcharges and customs duties if the material or part is to be incorporated into a product which is exported outside of the country. This law also provides for a 10-year tax holiday on profits from these non-traditional exports, under certain conditions.

Interested parties may obtain authorization for this program through the Ministry of Economic Development (SDE): https://sde.gob.hn/prohonduras/. Amendments made to the RIT law in 1997 allow manufacturers to export their products to other Central American countries. These amendments also permit local importers to resell machinery and equipment no longer needed, by paying an import duty based on its Cost, Freight, and Insurance (CIF) value. Companies that do not operate in free trade zones or export processing zones fall under the jurisdiction of the Temporary Import Law.

Temporary entry requirements for goods such as commercial samples, sales display, and other items for use at exhibits and trade shows are established under Article 73 of the Honduran Customs Law, Decree 212-87. Customs legislation allows duty-free admission of such products, as well as for items to be used for scientific and entertainment purposes, for up to three months. This temporary entry authorization can also be extended an additional three months, if necessary. Products to be used in the execution of construction projects, tourism and recreational activities, and other special private and public works may qualify as temporary imports for a period of up to six months under Article 74 of the Honduran Customs Law. Temporary entry is granted upon making a deposit equivalent to the import duty applicable to the specific product. The guarantee is refunded at the time the product is re-exported. Additional information on the Temporary Imports Regime is available at: https://www.trade.gov/ata-carnet.