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Healthcare design, architecture, and engineering services is a very specialized domain. Hospitals, public health facilities, and laboratories all fall under this sub-sector. These buildings are unique in that they must be designed in such a way as to treat patients efficiently as well as to prevent diseases from spreading either from ill patients or from laboratory samples.  

The sector includes companies that plan, design, and improve healthcare facilities. These companies plan new installations and expand and modernize old ones. They work with construction and building materials companies from start to finish to deliver buildings that function effectively in health and laboratory settings. These firms also find new uses for conventional materials to create attractive and practical designs for patients and workers alike.

U.S. healthcare architects and specialty engineering firms look at the overall healthcare infrastructure and incorporate a range of industry trends, including:

  • Patient-centered design, including better interior design and aesthetics
  • Energy efficiency and sustainable design 
  • Optimal architecture designs for maximum efficiency, including flexible designs and sophisticated modeling
  • Increased infection control built into the basic building design
  • Medical equipment planning from the beginning
  • Integration of health care and critical IT systems
  • Master planning of integrated whole healthcare systems such as a move towards large specialty hubs supplemented by more outpatient clinics

U.S. healthcare architects and specialty engineering firms have the solid training and experience in this subsector and are well positioned to take on international projects.

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