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Dental Equipment and Supplies
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Dental Equipment and Supplies

Dental Equipment and Supplies

Dental equipment and supplies consist of tools, instruments, and supplies used by dentists, dental hygienists, and laboratories. Specific products include dental hand instruments, plaster, drills, amalgams, cements, and other implements.[1]   

The global dental equipment and supplies market offers tremendous opportunity for U.S. manufacturers and challenges for government policymakers supporting U.S. export competitiveness. Creating new and sustained export opportunities for U.S. companies will require a concerted effort to remove or diminish market access barriers, helping U.S. firms to capture a larger share of the world market. 

Continued strong U.S. export activity to the larger and more mature global dental markets is likely to continue. U.S. dental equipment and supplies manufacturers enjoy a good reputation internationally for their innovation, cutting-edge technology, and value. Global economic expansion, increased government spending on dental care, higher median personal income, structural reforms in key markets, wider access to all levels of education, and rising uptake of health insurance are factors that will help grow markets for U.S. exporters of dental equipment and supplies. 

[1] As defined by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 339114, Dental Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing.

Additional Subsector Information

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2019 U.S. Exports of Dental Equipment and Supplies in Millions of Dollars (HS Codes)


Dental cements and other dental fillings, etc.



Dental impression compounds or wax for retail sale, NESOI



Instruments, appliances for dental science, parts, accessories, NESOI



Artificial teeth of plastic, parts and accessories



Artificial teeth, not of plastic, parts and accessories



Dental fittings, parts and accessories



Apparatus based on x-ray for dental use, NESOI





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