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borderless   |   Louisville KY
Contact: Jake McGraw   |   1-502-230-1490   |   |

borderless is an award winning global bank payments platform with over 5 years of experience designed to meet today’s payments needs to over 100+ countries. borderless provides a broad range of bank payments solutions that offer reliably fast, affordable, easy to integrate, and instantly scalable payment solutions. Our innovative payments solutions, direct account manager relationships, and 24-7 customer service has made us the preferred global payments provider for businesses worldwide. What we offer: Payouts to 100+ countries with $0 wire fees; Accept bank payments online (e-commerce bank transfers) with limits of $500,000; Automatic and on-demand direct debits to automate global payments; No contracts, no monthly or setup fees and no minimums; One of the best FX rate providers in the market with multi-currency balances; Payment tracking in real-time; Easy invoicing, payment links and QR codes; Mass payments using dashboard, CSV upload or plug & play API; Verified network reducing fraud and chargebacks - by up to 80%; and Dedicated account manager. We also offer custom solutions and volume discount pricing. Please reach out to me to learn more.


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Euro VAT Refund, Inc.   |   Los Angeles CA
Contact: Bianca Blake   |   1-310-204-0805   |   |

Euro VAT Refund, Inc. (EuroVAT) is a leading U.S. financial services firm based in Los Angeles, specializing in assisting North American companies with their Value Added Tax (VAT) registrations, management, and refunds when they do business in Europe, including selling online to customers in Europe and several other countries worldwide. EuroVAT acts as your North American based local VAT department - a very cost efficient way to access top international VAT expertise through a local U.S. source. Online merchants might sell goods and services from their own websites, or use online platforms such as Amazon.  In either case, a local Value Added Tax (VAT) registration might be required prior to any international business transaction. The basic principle for the VAT system is that it should not be a cost to any companies involved in the distribution chain but will end up as cost to the private person who buys the product or services in the end. Please contact our VAT experts for clarification and assistance, so the VAT does not end up as a cost to the North American company or its business customers in Europe. Euro VAT Refund can: Often assess the VAT issue before international business transactions, including VAT on shipments. Please feel free to contact our VAT experts before any shipment occurs; Assess the VAT issue after the shipment, and assist in the reclamation process, when possible; Assist with VAT registration, management, and filings when required; Establish procedures, guidelines, and training for how to charge VAT, collect the correct backup, prepare for the regular VAT return and other reporting required, and how to account for the VAT.


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Guardian Payment Systems   |   Forth Smith, AR
Contact: Max Rodriguez   |   1-479-434-4338   |   |

Guardian Payments facilitates credit card transactions worldwide, and has the experience and tools you need to optimize international transactions, tools that will: Ensure that you qualify at the best interchange rates to lower your cost; Dramatically reduce chargebacks - by up to 80%; Limit fraud losses - which is a much higher risk on international transactions - through advanced data capture; Navigate (and automate) optimal currency exchange rates; Pair your business with an export-friendly bank who will approve your account and deposit funds quickly and consistently. At Guardian, you’ll never call an 800-number and wait on hold to talk to a different person every time. You’ll have a relationship with someone who knows your business needs, with the experience and willingness to walk with you as you navigate the complex world of international payments. In short, we help you get paid…even when it’s complicated.


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Zonos   |   St. George UT
Contact: Joshua Aikens   |   1-801-869-8107   |   |

Zonos™ is a SaaS company that is driven by a simple concept, create excellent solutions for cross-border that everyone can use. We are not a shipping company, not an aggregator. We deliver cloud-based technology. Zonos makes it simple to internationalize your business. Zonos provides software for calculating accurate landed cost, managing restricted items, localizing checkout pages with language and currency, settling in foreign currencies, mitigating fraud risk and increasing conversions and revenue.  Unlike other international solutions, Zonos gives control of the customer and revenue back to you the eTailer. This includes your choice of carrier or carriers and payment methods that are right for you and your customer.



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