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California Trade Alliance Logo for the eCommerce BSP Logistics Section

California Trade Alliance   |   Santa Ana CA 
Contact: Kimberly Penderson, Project Manager   |   714-367-4237   |   | 

The California Trade Alliance processes export documents for online sellers. If your export requires a Free Sale Certificate to certify that your products are freely sold in the U.S. we are your service provider. Certificates of Free Sale, Certificates of Origin and Letters of Authorization are processed in 5 – 7 business days. Expedited services are available to process within 2 business days. Receive export documents faster at a lower cost and high level of authentication. Each Certificate of Free Sale is notarized and Apostilled by the Department of State. Certificates of Free Sale are issued on a per country basis and cost $75 each. Certificates of Origin and Letters of Authorization are notarized by a Notary Public and cost $50 per document. Give us a call to discuss how we can support your export endeavors. Happy exporting!


New York Fulfillment Company Logo for the eCommerce BSP Logistics Section

New York Fulfillments   |   New Windsor, NY
Contact: Mr. Joel Stern, CEO   |   1-866-252-2411  |   |

New York Fulfillments is the complete supply chain solution for wholesalers & eCommerce retailers, for full end to end service. Our fulfillment services include full-service freight management, multichannel order fulfillment, and return management. We service every vertical in supply chain including B2C and B2B; Specialty/Department & Chain Stores, Mass/Club, Natural Channel, All E-commerce outlets, Independent stores. Domestic & International: We offer variable cost structure give you flexibility in your inventory carrying costs. Racked or Floor (USA & Worldwide). EDI, cycle counts barcoding, pick & pack, shipment assembly. International shipping can be complex but expertise and guidance can make it easier! Import, Export, and Trans-border. Global Air Cargo, Local support worldwide. USA & Worldwide. No project is too large to meet your delivery deadlines. Customized communication and load plans. If you’ve got a crowd, we’ve got your back.


Pace Global Logistics LLC Company Logo for the eCommerce BSP Logistics Section

Pace Global Logistics LLC   |   Brea CA
Contact: Mehul Kumar, Director   |   657-341-8909   |   |

Pace Global Logistics is experienced at helping eCommerce Sellers with their global logistics needs, which is why we are part of the Amazon Solutions Provider Network.  Backed by our global network and practical experience of over 25 years in international trade & logistics, Pace Global Logistics offers a full range of cross-border shipping services reaching more than 50 countries, covering 200+ ports. Whether you are looking for an economical way to ship your merchandise or requiring more reliable transit times with smooth customs clearance, we could offer you the right option to meet your unique shipping demand. Our service for cross-border ecommerce includes: Global Forwarding including eCommerce Shipping, Warehousing & Fulfillment, Customs & Compliance, Amazon Global Selling, Amazon FBA Prep Services, and Returns Management.  Whether you need competitive international shipping rates; help with taxes, compliance, or documents; warehousing and fulfillment or assistance with managing your returns – Pace Global Logistics has you covered.  We can help you get your products to new markets and new Amazon marketplaces worldwide.  We Make Global Selling Easy!


UPS Company Logo for the eCommerce BSP Logistics Section

UPS   |   Atlanta GA
Contact: Danza Huey, Senior Marketing Analyst   |   Phone: |   |

Whether you’re new to international trade, or expanding market reach, UPS is here to support your international success. UPS offers expertise, infrastructure, and resources spanning over 220 countries worldwide with small package operations in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Canada, and Latin America, the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East and Africa, and a selection of guaranteed day and time-definite international shipping services. UPS is one of the world’s largest customs brokerage and logistics consultants, with an immense scope of transportation services, warehousing facilities, and international trade technology. All of which enables you to better succeed in today’s global marketplace. From integrating global management software that empowers your existing supply chain, to providing ground-up consulting and implementation services, UPS is here to help you translate your international aspirations into achievements. UPS is now offering up to 40% off international shipments on! Head over to and use promo code EXPORT to take advantage of the following savings: 40% off International Air, 20% off U.S. to Canada Ground, and 10% off domestic shipments.


Zonos Company Logo for the eCommerce BSP Logistics Section

Zonos   |   St. George UT
Contact: Joshua Aikens, Chief of Staff   |   1-801-869-8107   |   |

Zonos™ is a SaaS company driven by the mission to build trust in global trade by creating simple software solutions for international commerce that everyone can use. We are a technology company, not a shipping company. Our innovative technology is designed to help businesses build trust with their international consumers by providing cost transparency for duties & taxes, global compliance management, and language/currency localization. Our software also gives customers the freedom to use any carrier, rates, or platform. Although we mostly work with ecommerce businesses, we also partner with logistics companies, development shops, and trade organizations. Get in touch with us to find out the right solution for your international business.

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