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The eCommerce BSP Directory Sales Channel Management Section is a list of service providers that handle ecommerce sales channel management consulting, digital marketing services, online support, and website localization.

eCommerce BSP Sales Channel Management

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btrax Inc Logo for the eCommerce BSP Digital Marketing Section

btrax, Inc.   |   San Francisco, CA
Contact: John Hayato Branderhorst   |   1-415-344-0907   |   |

btrax, Inc. is a SF and Tokyo based agency with 15 years experience helping clients grow business in Japan. We understand that selling online requires clients take into consideration all the various platforms available, how to offer customer services and different payment gateways to integrate. We have expertise helping clients understand their value proposition when expanding into new markets so that they understand what channels to sell on, what messaging to use, and what regulations to consider.



ECOMflight Company Logo for the eCommerce BSP Digital Marketing Section

ECOMflight   |   Long Beach, CA
Contact: Monique Nelson   |   1-562-277-1285   |   |

ECOMflight educates and empowers you, the small business entrepreneur, who is interested in starting and growing your online business on the Shopify ecommerce platform. We offer an innovative hands-on approach: helping you create a vision for your online store; focus on getting to the next step and then the next one until you launch; integrate digital marketing and sales channels like Amazon to grow your business. At ECOMflight, you will be guided by someone who has been in your shoes literally. Having had our own ecommerce apparel manufacturing business that we built into three brands with different tribes, shipping worldwide and then sold the business. We know what it takes to build a successful ecommerce business.


Embassy Global Company Logo for the eCommerce BSP Marketplace & Sales Channel Management Sections

Embassy Global, LLC   |   Buffalo, NY 
Contact: Ms. Molly Bakewell Chamberlin   |   1-716-646-0927   |   |

WBE-certified Embassy Global is an all-virtual, full-service, strategic technical marketing (including global digital marketing, e-marketing, and internet marketing), advertising, PR, leads generation, website development & SEO, business development, sales channel development, fractional CMO, and management consulting firm serving the worldwide B2B high-tech manufacturing and engineering communities. The firm’s comprehensive and award-winning service offerings include strategic technical marketing; marketing strategic planning; integrated marketing campaigns (including planning, development, and implementation); technical marketing strategy; product datasheet and brochure development (including technical copywriting, editing and design); technical PR development and distribution; technical article and white paper development and placement; industry market research; technical translations; trade magazine relationship management, including media planning, editorial coverage negotiations, ad rate negotiations, media buys, and full-service digital and print advertising design, development and placements; e-newsletter campaigns and blog development, including technical copywriting, design and promotion; WordPress (and WooCommerce), Wix, and Drupal website design, development, deployment, and maintenance; site map redevelopment; SEO keyword optimizations; and global SEO campaigns.


GiNi Inc. Tech Company Logo on the eCommerce Business Service Provider Directory

GiNi Inc   |   Ellijay, GA
Contact: Lalit Devgan   |   1-404-936-5620   |   |

GiNi is a company for people who love technology. Our team of experts provides a broad range of services including technology consulting, development, and implementation. GiNi Inc. helps businesses make the right decisions to drive innovation through a combination of  business intelligence, innovative thinking, and digital transformation. At GiNi Inc., we are proud to be a part of our communities and the work we have done over the past 7 years to enrich our local ecosystems. Our mission as a Startup Accelerator is to simplify IT. To do so, we’re creating a community of innovators and entrepreneurs who are making some of the world’s most exciting ideas happen every day. After all, we know that when you have great people around you and the right resources, magic happens.


IMA360 Company Logo for the eCommerce BSP Sales Channel Management Section


IMA360   |   Irving, TX
Contact: Max Avery   |   1-479-629-6889  |   |

Optimize Profits by optimizing Pricing, On-Invoice Adjustments and Off-Invoice Incentives. IMA360’s AI-powered solutions are unmatched in simplicity, scalability, and performance. Our cloud-agnostic product can run in any public cloud and is rapidly deployable. IMA360 provides AI-powered solutions for: Pricing, On-Invoice Adjustments, Off-Invoice Adjustments (Rebates, Ship & Debit, Promotions, Sales Commissions & more). IMA360 can give real-time visibility into deal-specific profitability at the time of quote to a customer or during contract negotiations. All teams can maintain visibility of the same data points to ensure clarity and efficiency. IMA360 handles optimization, budgeting, and execution of pricing and off-invoice adjustments. In addition, historical data is used to provide forecasting projections for future sales and determine strategies for competitive landscapes while considering factors such as price elasticity and inventory position.  Following this methodology, the system can evaluate and suggest the optimal price by considering off-invoice adjustments applicable to customers and materials. All businesses have unique challenges, so IMA360 takes time to understand the company data, processes and company culture, and competitive landscape of each company and allow to add the company’s secret sauce to configure and deploy the best solutions, which provides outcomes that are measurable.


ManifesGo Company Logo for the eCommerce BSP Directory Sales Channel Management Section

ManifesGo Marketing   |   Woodinville, WA
Contact: Howard Hale   |   1-206-355-0313   |   |

Marketing, when properly done, is the #1 shortcut to success for lead generation and sales of your products and services. While it’s easier said than done, digital marketing and content creation are more complex and fragmented than they ever have been. In our 20+ years as marketers, we have found that there’s no such thing as an incorrect method; more often than not, it’s usually incorrect execution. Most companies that we work with have had challenges in running successful marketing campaigns. We believe that effective marketing is both creative and scientific; when these notions are blended, they become a dance that excites your consumer and connects with their soul. ManifesGo is a group of mavericks and strategists who know how to make a dramatic impact on our client’s bottom lines. Our goal is to work closely with you to identify and implement strategies that create impressive results. Digital marketing and content creation can be complex and fragmented, but our diverse set of digital services will support you in achieving your goals. For example, our award-winning video production and marketing process is the #1 shortcut to success for lead generation. Videos have a higher click-through rate than images or text links, and our process ensures that your videos are seen by the right people. Web design and optimization are also essential for any business, and we are passionate about building amazing websites that engage consumers and drive conversions. Our skilled team has extensive experience in creating and optimizing web solutions for B2B and B2C clients, and we are dedicated to delivering exceptional sales funnels with all your marketing tactics. Contact us today for a complimentary review of your marketing and let’s start growing your business together.


New Territory Media company logo for the eCommerce BSP Directory Sales Channel Management Section

New Territory Media   |   Santa Monica, CA & Boca Raton, FL
Contact: Joey Daoud   |   1-424-625-8705   |   |

New Territory Media is an award-winning video production agency that helps your company get more leads, build an audience, and delight your customers through video. We develop a comprehensive video strategy and through our turnkey service produce weekly videos for your brand on YouTube to capitalize on video SEO through Google, YouTube, and TikTok search. We operate worldwide with remote recording options or professional on-camera talent. Videos we produce include converting blogs to videos, tutorials, short documentaries, training videos, online courses, landing page videos, short videos (TikTok, Instagram Reels), and product demos for eCommerce brands. Reach out for a free consultation or check out our website for lots of free resources on developing your video strategy.


Pacific Strategies & Assessments Company Logo on the eCommerce Business Service Provider Directory

Pacific Strategies & Assessments   |   Washington DC
Contact: Charles Biddle   |   1-401-218-5063   |   |

Pacific Strategies & Assessments offers a full spectrum of due diligence services. We deliver better intelligence through our 3 core service lines: Due Diligence, Investigations, and Advisory. PSA supports more than 200 multinational companies to manage risk as they seek business opportunities in 120+ countries around the world. 



Sunrise Integration company logo for the eCommerce BSP Channel Management Section

Sunrise Integration   |   Hollywood, CA
Contact: Ron Whitman,    |   1-800-841-3130   |   |

Sunrise Integration crafts custom software applications and data automation solutions to transform your business so you can focus on what matters most. We specialize in ecommerce applications, data migration and integrations, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, 3PL and logistics solutions, and mobile applications.  We help internationalize your web product so you can sell to the world.


SeaCliff Trading Company Logo for the eCommerce BSP Sales Channel Management

Seacliff Trading Inc.   |   Irvine CA
Contact: Jing Zhu   |   1-909-954-1229   |   |

Seacliff specializes in China cross border retail operations, research and strategy.  Since 2005, we have been helping international brands enter the China market.  We do China e commerce store set up and operations.  We excel in class retail operations with demonstrated experience growing and scaling brands. We have more than 15 years of experience conducting market entry and growth strategies on behalf of fortune 500 films, SMEs, and startups seeking to enter into China.  We have a multicultural team with strong understanding of both China consumer markets, consumer psychographics, and emerging trends.   We also have high-quality data, access to on-demand data for tracking competitor performance and isolating emerging consumption patterns.  We are a creative team that’s dedicated to build brands for sustainable growth.  We have global presence in Shanghai(China), Los Angeles, and New York.


Vendilli Digital Group company logo for the eCommerce BSP Directory Digital Marketing Section

Vendilli Digital Group   |   Pittsburgh, PA
Contact: Chris Vendilli   |   1-412-530-5027   |   |

Vendilli Digital Group helps clients combine the best use of web technology and best practice digital marketing solutions to increase sales and lead generation, improve brand visibility, as well as provide clear analytics and reporting. We’re an experienced digital marketing agency and certified Veteran-owned small business located in Pittsburgh, PA. The company is a Platinum tiered HubSpot Solutions Partner and capable of providing support and services in the areas of website design and development, e-commerce, inbound marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), paid acquisition (PPC), as well as implementation, training, and support within the HubSpot sales and marketing platform.


Whitmer & Worrall Company Logo for the eCommerce BSP Directory Backend Technology Section

Whitmer & Worrall   |   Washington, DC
Contact: Gabe Pellathy   |   202-748-1633   |   |

Whitmer & Worrall is a strategic consulting and government relations firm in Washington, D.C. The firm has a successful record in affecting policy and assisting with grants, business development services and regulatory expertise for clients across the country. We provide a variety of trade services:
Advocacy related to ongoing or pending trade agreements, including USMCA; Tariffs, U.S. global value chains and rules of origin; Trade facilitation; Trade policy strategies to improve competitive position and market access; ECRA, FIRRMA and export controls; • Generalized System of Preferences and preference programs; Trade harmonization and Best corporate practices related to international trade. We can also assist with foreign and domestic incentives, and localization strategies for customers. Gabe Pellathy leads government affairs activities related to trade, import and export issues, supply chain activities, market access, and tax policy incentives. His experience includes:  Senior Government Relations and Business Development Executive at three Fortune 500 companies; Chief of Staff, Commercial Service, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce; Senior Policy Advisor, Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce; Attorney, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. Please contact us for more information about our services and expertise.



The eCommerce BSP directory is intended to provide an additional resource to U.S. exporters doing cross-border ecommerce. The eCommerce BSP directory is not comprehensive. Inclusion does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service. We have performed limited due diligence research; but we strongly recommend that you perform your own due diligence investigation and background research on any company. We assume no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the providers listed. We reserve the right not to list any particular company. You can apply to have your organization in this or any other category of this eCommerce BSP.