Uzbekistan - Country Commercial Guide
Trade Barriers

Includes the barriers (tariff and non-tariff) that U.S. companies face when exporting to this country.

Last published date: 2022-07-08

The Government of Uzbekistan restricts imports of certain goods by imposing high tariffs and other import duties in order to protect and foster local manufacturing. Surveys of foreign companies consistently conclude that trade/border/customs restrictions and poorly administrated procedures are among serious challenges for doing business with Uzbekistan. In its 2020 Doing Business report, the World Bank ranked Uzbekistan 152nd out of 190 for the “Trading across Borders” indicator. On December 21, 2020, Uzbekistan acceded to the International Convention on Simplification and Harmonization of Customs Procedures (Kyoto, May 18, 1973, as amended on June 26, 1999) with the following reservation: “The Republic of Uzbekistan accepts all annexes and chapters of the Convention, with the exception of Chapter 3 (Cabotage transportation of goods) of Special Appendix E”.