Uzbekistan - Country Commercial Guide
Temporary Entry
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The placement of goods under the customs regime of temporary import is subject to the following requirements and conditions:

the possibility of identification of temporarily imported goods by the customs authoritiesavailability of permits from authorized bodies in the information system of customs authorities, if the goods are subject to control by these authorities.

To place goods under a temporary import customs regime, a declarant must submit to the customs authority a customs cargo declaration and shipping documents, as well as a contract (agreement) for the supply or transfer of goods (in cases of temporary import of goods for rent, leasing, warranty service and investment project). The temporary import period is two years and can be extended for more than two years in certain cases.  The temporary import of items under warranty for repair is allowed for the length of the warranty period.

On April 24, 2020, Uzbekistan acceded to the Convention on Temporary Import (Istanbul, June 26, 1990) and accepted its following appendices:

Appendix A. “On documents of temporary import (A.T.A carnets and C.P.D carnets)”Appendix B.1 “On goods for display or use at exhibitions, fairs, conferences or similar events”Appendix B.2 “On professional equipment”Appendix B.3 “On containers, pallets, packages, samples and other goods imported in connection with a commercial transaction”Appendix B.5 “On goods imported for educational, scientific or cultural purposes”Appendix B.6 “Appendix concerning personal belongings of travelers and goods imported for sports purposes”.