Uzbekistan - Country Commercial Guide
Prohibited and Restricted Imports
Last published date:

Uzbekistan’s legislation prohibits import of the following items to the country:

•    narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors
•    works of print, manuscripts, cliches, drawings, photographs, photographic films, negatives, video and audio materials aimed at undermining the state and social system, violation of territorial integrity, political independence and state sovereignty, propagandizing war, terrorism, violence, national exclusivity and religious hatred, racism and related (anti-Semitism, fascism), pornographic materials

•    portable laser emitters
•    explosives and pyrotechnics
•    ethanol
•    slot machines for winning cash prizes
•    used vehicles of category M2, M3 and N2 
•    new vehicles, the degree of contamination of which does not meet the requirements of the environmental class Euro-3, utilizing gasoline or diesel fuel
•    household electrical appliances with an energy efficiency class of G or F 
•    incandescent bulbs with a power exceeding 40 watts

Permission of the competent authorities for import of the following items is required: 

•    substances harmful to the ozone layer and containing their products 
•    property of cultural value
•    firearms and cartridges
•    unmanned aerial vehicles
•    wild plants, their parts, fruits, and botanical collections
•    wild animals, their parts, zoology collections, vital items, prey, their eggs
•    environmentally hazardous items and waste.

Trade of the following products requires a license:  weapons, military equipment/machinery and equipment used for their production, uranium and other radioactive substances, equipment that produces or uses radioactive materials, precious metals and goods made of them. The procedure for license issuance is described in the Decree #959 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan of December 1, 2017.