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Trade Agreements
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Slovenia has been a member of WTO since 1995. 

Bilateral agreements between the Republic of Slovenia and the Government of United States of America: 

Agreement on Investment Incentives 

Signed in Washington on 04.26.1994 

Convention on International Civil Aviation 

Signed in Chicago on 12.07.1944 

Statute of the International Monetary Fund

Signed in Washington on 01.01.1945 

Statute of the International Financial Corporation 

Signed in Washington on 04.11.1955 

Statute of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development 

Signed in Washington on 12.27.1945 

Accord on Transit in the International Air Space 

(Accord relative au Transit des Services Aeriens Internationaux) 

Signed in Chicago on 12.07.1944 

Slovenia’s trade agreements with the EU and its member states, as well as concise explanations, are listed here

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