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Trade Agreements
Last published date: 2022-07-30

Slovenia has been a member of WTO since 1995.

Bilateral agreements between the Republic of Slovenia and the Government of United States of America:

  • Agreement on Investment Incentives: Signed in Washington on 04.26.1994
  • Convention on International Civil Aviation; Signed in Chicago on 12.07.1944
  • Statute of the International Monetary Fund: Signed in Washington on 01.01.1945
  • Statute of the International Financial Corporation: Signed in Washington on 04.11.1955
  • Statute of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Signed in Washington on 12.27.1945
  • Accord on Transit in the International Air Space
  • (Accord relative au Transit des Services Aeriens Internationaux); Signed in Chicago on 12.07.1944

Slovenia’s trade agreements with the EU and its member states, as well as concise explanations.