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Slovenia’s chemical sector is among the country’s most successful, thanks to the industry’s long tradition in this part of Europe.  Slovenia has substantial local production and demand for consistent supplies of raw materials is high.  More than 900 companies are active in Slovenia’s chemical industry, with more than 33,00 employees, while 26 companies manufacture pharmaceutical products.  Exports account for more than 74 percent of the sector’s revenues.  Pharmaceuticals account for most of the sector’s exports, followed by vehicle tires, inner tubes, and plastics. 

Table 1: Total Market Size for Chemicals
Unit: USD millions2019202020212022
Total Market Size6,0706,1206,1787,506
Exchange Rates1.

(Source: Statistical Office of Slovenia)

Leading Sub-Sectors

  • Base chemicals
  • Pesticides and agrochemicals
  • Paints, lacquers, and glazes
  • Pharmaceuticals and soaps
  • Products for cleaning and scents
  • Other chemical products
  • Artificial fibers
  • Rubber and plastics


The chemical and pharmaceutical sectors offer significant opportunities to U.S. suppliers of raw materials.  Leading companies in the sector include:

o Belinka

o Cinkarna Celje

o Kansai Helios Group

o Atotech

o Sava


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