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Free Trade Agreements Help Center
Practical guidance on preferential tariff treatment for 20 countries with whom the United States has Free Trade Agreements.

Free Trade Agreements Help Center

Free trade agreements (FTA) between the United States and select trading partners provide low-duty or duty-free access and other benefits, including stronger intellectual property protection, fair treatment for U.S. investors, opportunities for U.S. exporter input in the development of FTA country product standards, enhanced opportunities to compete for foreign government procurements, and opportunities for U.S. service providers.  

These resources can help you research and discover if your product or service would benefit from an FTA. Take advantage of FTAs today to increase your competitiveness in markets representing almost 40 percent of U.S. exports.   

Advantages of Doing Business with FTA Countries

Exporting to U.S. FTA partner countries can boost your bottom line. FTAs offer U.S. companies greater market access through reduced trade barriers such as tariff reduction and other provisions.

Resources and Tools to Navigate FTAs

How to identify rules of origin and other related treatments in FTA countries.
Free Trade Agreements Overview
U.S. FTA partner countries offer U.S. exporters greater market access. Learn about the essentials: tariff reduction, strengthened intellectual property protection, and more.

U.S. FTA Partner Countries
Looking to grow your export sales? Start from our list of 20 U.S. FTA partner countries. Each resource details FTA parameters and greater market access opportunities through reduced tariffs and other provisions.
Check if Your Product Is Eligible For FTA Tariff Rate
Is your product eligible for FTA duty-free or reduced duties? Take these steps to determine if your product qualifies and the standard export documentation to use. Find duty rates by using the FTA Tariff Tool.
Identify and Apply FTA Rules of Origin
FTA Rules of Origin are key to determining whether your product qualifies for FTA preferential tariff treatment. Understand Rules of Origin types, and how to read and apply them.
FTA Certification of Origin
When shipping your product under a FTA preferential tariff rate, be sure to include a Certificate of Origin. Learn how to certify the origin of your products and about the responsibilities of seller and buyer, and other tips.  
FTA Resources Toolbox
Is there an FTA preferential tariff rate for your product? These export tools can help you make that determination by allowing you to compare the FTA and applied (current) tariff rates.