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Protecting Intellectual Property
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Slovenia has adopted all EU eCommerce directives pertaining to intellectual property right (IPR) protections.  Enforcement of such directives, however, is relatively lax and illegal downloading of music and video content is common.  The Slovenian Intellectual Propety Office oversees eCommerce intellectual property protections. 

In any foreign market, companies should consider several general principles for effective protection of their intellectual property. For background, please link to our article on Protecting Intellectual Property and for more resources.

IP Attaché Contact:              

Rachel Bae

U.S. Mission to the European Union

Boulevard du Régent 27. BE-1000

Brussels, Belgium

For additional information, visit the U.S. Department of State Investment Climate Statements.

To access Slovenia’s Investment Climate Statement, which includes information on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, visit the U.S. Department of State Investment Climate Statement website.