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Slovenia’s pharmaceutical market is very competitive.  Once dominated by two local domestic generic producers, Lek and Krka, the market is now increasingly open to competition from foreign competitors.  According to the Slovenian National Institute of Public Health, Slovenia spent approximately EUR 679.5 million on pharmaceuticals in 2022.  Each Slovenian spends an average of EUR 322 each year to purchase an average of 9 prescription medications.

The Ministry of Health is the primary actor in Slovenia’s pharmaceutical market.  The ministry develops healthcare policies, proposes the government’s healthcare budget, and monitors spending in the national healthcare fund, with an eye toward keeping medical costs as low as possible.  Slovenia has introduced therapeutic reference pricing schemes similar to those of other EU member states, which have made market conditions difficult for producers of brand-name pharmaceuticals. 

Experts forecast seven percent annual growth for the pharmaceutical market over the next two years, despite downward pressure on certain therapeutic products.  Almost three quarters of all pharmaceuticals approved for sale in Slovenia are imported, accounting for nearly 16 percent of total health care spending.  As of 2021, 73.7 percent of healthcare spending is publicly financed, and international comparisons show that drug consumption in Slovenia is higher than EU average and growing by 1.5 percent per year.  Increased life expectancies and the growth in private health care insurance are expected to have a positive impact on the market.

Slovenia’s premier research institution, the Jozef Stefan Institute, is closely involved in chemical and pharmaceutical research and development, including therapeutic nanotechnology and biotechnology products. 

Table: Total Market Size for Pharmaceuticals
Unit: USD millions2019202020212022
Total Local Production2,6662,7002,8843,527
Total Exports2,4502,5602,6792,900
Total Imports370400400450

Imports from the US


Total Market Size560583605734
Exchange Rates1.081.081.0581.08

(Source: Statistical Office of Slovenia, National Institute of Public Health)

Leading Sub-Sectors

  • Drugs for cardiovascular illnesses
  • Branded products for cancer treatments
  • Pharmaceuticals for psychotherapy
  • AIDS medications
  • Supplements


The best prospects for American-made pharmaceutical companies are in the fields of cancer medications, cardiovascular medications, and bio-technologically-produced medications.


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