Moldova - Country Commercial Guide
Prohibited and Restricted Imports
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The law on general product safety prohibits dangerous products from being placed on the market.  The Customs Code notes that Moldovan legislation can prohibit or restrict certain goods or transport means from being introduced into or taken out of Moldova for reasons of state security, assurance of public and moral order, environmental protection, protection of art objects, protection of objects of historical or archeological value, protection of intellectual property rights, protection of the domestic market, and protection of other public interests.  Moldovan legislation has special provisions dealing with strategic goods, weapons, munitions, dual-use goods, radioactive and toxic substances, and food products.  Certain restrictions apply on ethylic alcohol, tobacco products and oil products.  The import of such products is subject to license or permission from various authorities.

Temporary import prohibitions are also applied in line with the latest updates on hazardous diseases from the World Organization of Animal Health (OIE) and based on EU legislation for certain diseases.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration keeps a centralized record of all mandatory international restrictive measures in force.

Importers have to check first with Moldovan customs on any existent limitations or restrictions.

For more information, please see the Trade Information Portal or Customs Service.