Moldova - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities
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Bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the east, Moldova is close to the EU and CIS markets, with which the country has FTA arrangements.  Free Economic Zones, with their tax incentives and duty-free import of inputs, represent opportunities to set up export-oriented manufacturing sites.  A number of large international companies, such as Lear Corporation and Dräxlmaier, have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Given Moldova’s high agricultural potential, food processing holds significant opportunities.  Demand for agricultural machinery, irrigation equipment, cold storage, and sorting and processing lines is high. With assistance from the international community, the government has focused on developing high-value agriculture, tourism and wine.  There is demand among domestic consumers for processed foodstuffs, used automobiles, and aftermarket accessories.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency are other areas of interest.  A number of internationally supported projects in energy and road infrastructure are underway.  These projects enjoy the financial support of the European Union, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Investment Bank (EIB), and the World Bank.  There is also potential for support from the Development Finance Corporation.  There are opportunities in engineering, road construction, energy distribution and transmission infrastructure (e.g., interconnections), advanced power grid technologies, transformer stations, electric cables, wiring, and piping.

Information and communication technology is another growth area.  The government has been promoting the development of the industry with the passage of a law on IT parks, introducing the novel idea of “virtual residence.”

The government may potentially sell off some state-owned assets.  More information can be found at the Public Property Agency at