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Information and Communication Technology
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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has experienced exponential growth and as one of the most promising economic sectors in Moldova accounts for more than 10 percent of GDP.  Moldova has a strong cadre of current and emerging ICT professionals: over 2,000 students graduate with a degree in computing or a related field.  Most Moldovan IT specialists speak at least one foreign language in addition to Romanian and Russian.  Salaries remain competitive and some ICT companies struggle to retain skilled employees seeking higher paying jobs in the region.

Moldova could provide a competitive alternative to “traditional” IT destinations, especially as a location for software development or call centers.  Moldova has one of the best—and cheapest—Internet connections in the world.  Mobile network operators offer 4G connections; 5G testing started in 2019.

IT companies export about 80 percent of their total production.  Major Moldovan partners in this area are the United States, the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Romania.

IT companies’ employees may benefit from personal income tax (PIT) incentives, such as a cap on certain monthly withholdings.  PIT incentives are applicable only for salary income. Monthly social security contributions of IT companies are also limited to the income capped at two national average forecasted salaries.  The Moldovan government approved the 2023-2030 Digital Transformation Strategy —a policy document laying out the government’s vision for the country’s digital development.

Leading Sub-Sectors

Software development; local and international telephone services; and internet. The telecommunications market is dominated by the state-owned company Moldtelecom, with 96 percent market share in fixed telephony. 


Setup of international business call centers; software development; internet; mobile internet; IP Telephony services; VoIP termination; and implementation of cybersecurity policy and capacity development.  State-owned Moldtelecom may undergo privatization in the following years. 


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